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Estonian countryside

Estonian countryside

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The northernmost of the three Baltic States, Estonia has fared well since regaining independence. When in the capital Tallinn you notice right away that people are doing well especially with their hosipitality towards visitors.

For the visitor Estonia offers some nice natural parks, a few old towns, some remains from the Middle Ages and a lot of Islands just off the coast.

Tallinn is a beautiful medieval old city, comparable to Prague with it's multitude of spires and orange-tiled roftops.

Estonian language is different from the Indo-European languages; it belongs to the Finno-Ugric group of languages toghether with Finnish and Hungarian. It is very similar to Finnish, which is spoken just over the Gulf of Finland.

The easiest way to visit Estonia is either by a cruise ship or a ferry from other Baltic countries as both dock regularly in Tallinn, the capital which is a seaport city. Most of the tourist places will accept the Euro or the American dollar.

More information about Estonia can be found on the official tourist information website:


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