Vejle Travel Guide

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The city of Vejle has a population of around 50,000 and sits on the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark. There are rolling hills and forests in the north and south areas of the city. The first writing in reference to the town was in 1256 but it is assumed that Vejle pre-dates recorded history. With prime location on the Vejle River, the city had an important trade market in the Middle Ages. Although the plague and war wrought hardships on Vejle citizens, it has sense blossomed into an popular destination for tourists to Denmark and is even called the "Manchester of Denmark".

What to Do

There are more than enough activities in Vejle to occupy your during your trip. In summer, you will find beautiful beaches along the fjord. Hvidbjerg beach even has the largest sand dune on the eastern coast of Denmark. For adults, there is a casino in the hotel, Munkebjerg, and a large golf course near the hills of Vejle. For children (and adults), you can take a short trip to see LegoLand with models made of around 45 million Legos! The Givskud Zoo is also a popular park with numerous types of animals that wander in large enclosures.

What to See

You won't find a lack of attractions in Vejle. What you will find is the excellent preservation of old buildings and ideals. The Bindeballe Grocery is around 100 years old and still operates much like it did when it first opened. Den Smidtske Gård dates to 1799, having been a merchant house, and still contains a general store boasting an antique charm. Engelsholm Castle, built in 1592, may just be one of the most unique structures you see in the entire town. St. Nicolai Church holds the Iron Age woman found in a peat bog that dates to 450 BCE.

Where to Stay

There are numerous places for accommodation in Vejle. If you don't have a lot to spend, try the best chain of hostels in Denmark, the Danhostel. During the low season (Fall, Winter and Spring), prices start at just $77 per person per night in a dorm room shared with others. Remember - the more people that are with you, the cheaper the price. The Hotel Bradehus is actually considered an "art hotel", and the first one in the area. It is child-friendly with a play ground and is close to all the major attractions. Prices start at around $140 per night and they have 4 sizes of rooms available, even an apartment for up to 6 guests.

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