Sights in Denmark

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Following are some famous Denmark sights that tourists can visit while staying in this country.


Established in 1843, this is a must-visit sight in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. This fairytale garden is one of the most popular attractions in Denmark, with its serene park areas, music, rides, restaurants, and Tivoli Museum. Tivoli is open from 11 a.m. to about 10 p.m. during the summer. From May to September and November to December, the park displays fireworks in the evenings. Tivoli in Copenhagen is an attraction not to miss, especially for families.

The Oresund Bridge

Built on the island of Zealand in Denmark, this is one sight tourists must visit. The Oresund Bridge is a 10 mile long bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden. Officially opened in 2000, this bridge is ideal for local commuters and tourists who want quick transportation into Sweden without having to fly. Travelers can choose between rail and road travel for this bridge, which carries about 60,000 travelers daily.

Bornholm Island

Visitors in Denmark looking for an exciting time should visit the island of Bornholm, situated in the Baltic Sea. Also known as the Pearl of the Baltic, this Danish island offers tourists beautiful beaches and bicycle paths that are ideal for exploring. Bornholm Island has architecture that dates back to the 1800s for tourists who don’t want to miss out on Denmark’s beautiful history and culture.

Viking Ship Museum

Fans of old folktales and pirate legends should make it a point to visit the Viking Ship Museum, which is located in Roskilde. About 30 years ago, five Viking ships dating back to the 11th century were found at Roskilde Fjord. Apparently, these ships had been sunk so that hostile pirates could be incapable of attacking Roskilde. The remains of these ships have been well preserved and are now on display at the museum.

Kronborg Castle

Another popular tourist attraction in Denmark is the Kronborg Castle in Helsingor. This is the very same castle that was used as a setting in Shakespeare’s world-famous drama, Hamlet . This castle held a strategic position during the 15th century in the “Sound Toll Days,” and is famous for its dungeons and large halls. Tourists can even visit the Danish Mercantile and Maritime Museum, which is housed in this castle.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek is must-visit sight for those who love art. The museum houses numerous marvelous sculptures that make up Italy’s wonderful culture. Tourists will also find a concert hall, stage and many large exhibition rooms in the museum. These are used for elite exhibitions that feature some of the top names in art from past and present times.

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