Roenne Travel Guide

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Roenne is small and attractive town housed on the Borholm island of the Baltic Sea and comes under the umbrella of the Bornholm municipality. The Roenne Travel Guide offers travelers unbiased information on the attractions, culture and accommodation options of this pristine looking island.


Roenne doesn’t take the standard seduction route to entice its visitors. It exudes a slow charm and unconventional beauty that has a lot to offer if you are willing to give it a chance. Quite contrary to grand illusions about small islands, this place is bustling with activity. There are lighthouses, museums, factories and warehouses that will keep tourists on their tired toes for long. Visitors can witness some fine depictions of Danish architecture in Roenne along with Viking relics and white sandy beaches. The picturesque region has been captured at various points in time by several nations and leagues including Sweden and Germany.


Roenne may not have the perfection of its more illustrious and striking looking peers, Svaneke and Gudhjem but its worth looking at for its genuine appeal and untouched charm that is waiting to be unearthed. The favorite activity here is swimming in Baltic’s inviting waters or exploring the Borholm culture by taking a walk through the old Roenne streets.  The restless and more spirited visitors can embark on a 150 mile pathway hike or bike trail though the interiors of Roenne. Erichsen's Yard is a nice Bornholm Museum that is actually a 19 th century townhouse with an adjoining drape of lush green gardens. Other museums worth paying a visit, include, Defense Museum and Ceramics Museum. The Lille Torv is a nice town square circumscribing a pretty park and gives a great view of the old-fashioned beauty of the island. 

Food And Accommodation   

The old town is the best place to sample delicately flavored local culinary fare. This quarter nestles the most humble looking yet sumptuous food serving eateries. The cafes encircling Lille Torv are also a good pick for their delicious coffee and pleasant-tasting snacks. The best dish to try in Roenne is the famed smoked fish that is quite a hit amongst tourists. Good accommodation options include Hotel Griffen and Radisson Sas Roenne Hotel for its unparalleled comfort and gourmet delights.   

Roenne is a humble looking motley of beaches, old worldly streets and museums that comprise a fascinating culture, waiting to be tapped. Enjoy the Bornholm structures and quaint unassuming street side cafes that offer an unruffled holiday.

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