Randers Travel Guide

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Randers has a population of almost 60,000, making it the 6th largest city in Denmark and is located on the eastern potion of the Jutland Peninsula. Due to the city being located on Denmark's only natural river harbor and abundant fertile grounds, Randers has long been a hub for importing and exporting and has been populated since the times of the Vikings. With the help of this historical importance, it is no wonder that Randers has all of the attractions and activities as any other large city, though the population is seemingly small in comparison.

What to Do

Practically any activity having to do with nature is easily found in Randers. Much of the city is relatively flat, making it a perfect place for a scenic bicycle ride. Canoeing on the river Guden may be the single most sought-after activity during warmer months in Randers. Many of the offices that rent canoes also run campgrounds, another popular activity. The Fussingø Skov is a beautiful forest that has a castle home built on the property entitled Fussingø Slott (lit. Fussingø Palace) and was mentioned in historical documents as far back as 1540. There are also many marinas, spas and numerous other activities to be found in Randers for every age and taste.


The people of Randers pride themselves in having a prominent nightlife with something for everyone. If you'd like a quiet night out or need to get some work done, one of their many cafes should prove pleasing. Food is very important in Denmark, especially small snacks, so expect to find something little to eat in each cafe, most having full restaurants. At Værket you will find excellent music in a small, cafe-type atmosphere. If you want something different, try Bambi Udlejning where one day it may be a fashion show, the next an art gallery and on the weekend, a hopping dance club.

Where to Stay

Hotel Randers is said to be the only 4-star hotel in the city (4-star being the highest rating by European standards). It has prime location in the downtown area and all rooms come with television and telephone as well as a private restroom. Prices start at around $160 per night and they have numerous rooms to chose from including antique rooms set up as suites. If you don't have that kind of money to spend, try Bjæres Bed and Breakfast where prices start at just $60 per night. There are numerous rooms to choose from and even a holiday family apartment for a manageable price.

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