Ærø Southern Fyn Travel Guide

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summer blossoms all around

summer blossoms all around

Jack Jaeger

Southern Denmark provides many tourist and living attractions many are not aware of.  The island of Ærø, for example, blends the old with the new in very special ways. Examples are the islands now historic, longstanding commitment to alternative energy has sprouted solar power plants that provide much of the islands hot water delivered as a source of heat in the old towns, despite their cobblestones!  Similarly, the island is generating much of its electric power by windmills which the islanders hope to expand sufficient to provide 100% electric power over the long haul. And, though small, the island has secured funding to develop a biodiesel plant that will use farm waste to create non-smelling compost for farms as well as fuel for automobiles. Along these lines, the island has terrific capacity for high speed internet - making it ideal for telecommuters (like the author's family).

But this island is known to most people for its historic seaside villages one of which, Ærøskøbing, has achieved international recognition for its ability to retain the old world charm of the original village contructed centuries ago.  Some people travel to living outdoor museums to see old buildings that have been reconstructed on site. Here, you can rent these old homes for weeks at a time (if you book early) and stay in them yourselves. Aside from the historic small museums making tile collections, ship in a bottle collections, and sailing museums, there are lots of places to camp, go kayaking, horseback riding, eat dinner out and shop and bike routes abound!

For more information on the Internet, since the letters for this island are largely Danish letters not found in most search engines outside DK, try searching for aeroe in Denmark - you can also go to the more commercial site of www.aeroeportalen.dk where you can learn more about local accomodations and business or commercial facilities and opportunities.

Part or or all of this text stems from the original article at: My own knowledge having lived here

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