Getting There in Denmark

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Easy-to-Use Denmark Getting There Information

People planning a trip to Denmark should have some basic, Denmark getting there information. Denmark transportation facilities are at par with the best in Europe, offering a wide range of options.

Getting to Denmark by Air

The nation’s main international airport is located about 8 kilometers from Copenhagen. Regular flights to Denmark are hosted from major cities like London, Los Angeles, New York and Sydney. The second busiest international airport is located at a distance of about 45 kilometers from the outskirts of the city of Aarhus. The distance to Copenhagen from either of these airports can be easily covered in cabs available throughout the day. The scheduled services from Copenhagen serve as the major linking point to all major cities in Denmark.

Reaching Denmark Cities by Air

Regional airports in Denmark act as connecting points. These airports are located at Esbjerg, Billund and Aalborg. Most of the internal flights take less than 30 minutes to reach any of the prominent destinations in Denmark. These airports regularly receive charter flights from the Scandinavian nations and some from the U.K.  Domestic airlines like SAS and Sterling Airlines provide services along the connecting routes.

Reaching Denmark by Road

Denmark is accessible via road from some of the neighboring European nations like Sweden and Germany. Copenhagen has a network of international road links that extend to Germany.

Reaching Denmark by Water

Denmark has a vast network of waterways with numerous tunnels, bridges and ports supporting fast movement of ferries. Most of the connecting ports are linked to the Jutland Peninsula. Popular islands in Denmark, such as the Faroe Islands, are connected by regularly scheduled ferry services. Ferry services are regularly run between Denmark and neighboring nations like Norway, Sweden, Germany, Iceland, United Kingdom and Poland. In terms of water transport facilities, the most recommended ports are located at Esbjerg, Frederikshavn and Copenhagen. Apart from the ferry service, visitors can also choose international cruise liners that operate along the mentioned routes.

Reaching Denmark by Rail

Copenhagen has the best rail network system in Denmark. It is connected to many European cities including London, Berlin and Hamburg. After reaching Copenhagen, passengers can choose from a host of connecting rails run by the national provider, Danish State Railways, to most Danish cities. People traveling in Denmark by rail should buy rail passes. These passes represent highly discounted fares along international rail routes.

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