Getting Around in Denmark

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There are many ways to get around in Denmark, making Denmark transportation very convenient. The transportation system inside the country is well established. A tourist may find many ways to move around Denmark, including the cheap ways couch and bus services. There is a well established and luxurious train system inside Denmark, which operates between the main cities in the country.

Travel by Bus

There are many bus services that carry tourist to different points of the country. Also, there are long distance services for buses between the main cities such as Jutland and Copenhagen. Even these services are much cheaper, especially for tourists as compared to the railways transport. A tourist may get a bus ticket for one way for $270 DKK.

Travel by Train

There are luxurious train services that operate from one city to another. Mainly 4-5 trains move from Hamburg to Copenhagen, and these trains also have connections with ferry transport. There are 3 train lines from Hamburg to Jutland. The tickets of trains are also applicable on buses and coaches, as well, and hence a tourist may save more money while traveling.

Travel by Ferry

There is large ferry transport system in Denmark, between the main cities like between Kalundborg, Arrhus, Copenhagen and Ronne. Many of the ferries possess restaurants inside of them for good quality food services. The ferry times vary, depending on your destination.

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