Fredrikshavn Travel Guide

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Fredrikshavn is a boutique shopping town in Denmark. Located in the north of Denmark, this town has changed from a manufacturing town to a tourist stop. The majority of shops are located in Gagade, one of the longest streets in the country. Fredrikshavn Shopping is fun, as there are many locally made goods to be purchased.

The Gagade

The shops on the Gagade offer everything from specialty foods to jewelry. Tourists can find high quality souvenirs on the Gagade, and wine lovers will find a nice selection of wine stores that carry vintages from all over Europe. There are small food markets that sell gourmet items like smoked herring. Clothing stores sell the latest in high fashion at reasonable prices, and jewelry stores sell pieces from local artisans. 

Dot Keramik

The Dot Keramik is rated as one of the more interesting stops on the Fredrikshavn shopping tour. The store’s chief products are ceramics, jewelry, shoes and apparel. Dot Keramik opened in 1975 and is still owned by the same family. The goods sold in the store have been created by the local people. In addition to selling goods, Dot Keramik also has ceramic lessons for anyone who's interested. The store also has a fashion show that showcases apparel from local designers. For art lovers, there is a small art gallery showcasing paintings from the owner. The paintings are done in the layering method to stand out. People walking into Dot Keramik will have a variety of options to make this unforgettable shopping opportunity.

Birgitte Munc

The Birgitte Munc is a boutique that specializes in jewelry. The store opened 20 years ago and features items from local artisans. When entering the store, a shopper will find a variety items to choose from. Pieces are made by hand from gold, silver, platinum, and pearls. Designers make all types of pieces, from earrings to necklaces. They also design custom pieces.  For instance, couples looking for unique wedding bands can find them here are Birgitte Munc. Visitors can tour the workshop to see how the pieces are created. Birgitte Munc artisans pride themselves in keeping their work traditional yet relevant. They recognize the need to stay current and modern while keeping their traditions.


Fredrikshavn is not a tourist attraction - it's just a useful ferry port and you might pass by it if you travel from Denmark to Sweden or Norway.

Should you get stuck here, you can have a look at the Krudttårnet, an old tower close to the station, which has interesting exhibitions on maps military paraphernalia.

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