Festivals in Denmark

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Denmark Festivals are fun, varied, and spread throughout the entire year. At least one festival is held every month, so make sure you check out what is going on during your trip to Denmark. Each city has its own events, but the majority of festivals take place in Copenhagen, by far. The city has celebrations for everything from puppets to Irish culture to the blues.

Copenhagen Beer Festival

One of the most popular festivals in Copenhagen is the beer festival. It only lasts three days in May but usually has more than 20,000 visitors. A huge selection of both national and international beers are served and nearly 100 microbreweries are represented.

Aalborg Carnival

A colorful carnival is held in Aalborg, Denmark every May. It features an entertaining battle of the carnival bands in the Kildeparken as well as a spectacular street parade and a water parade on boats.

Roskilde Festival

In June and July, the biggest festival of music in Northern Europe is celebrated in Denmark. It emphasizes music of all different types including jazz, heavy rock, and electric, to name a few. Well over 100 acts are performed throughout the duration of the Roskilde festival.

Tonder Festival

The Tonder Festival celebrates folk music from around the world, with an emphasis on European folk music. It takes place during the final weekend of August. Plenty of large tents are set up, in addition to the indoor venues, to house all of the musical acts. Popular acts feature Irish folk music, blues, country, and Baltic folk music, among others.

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