Family Travel Ideas in Denmark

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Denmark family travel offers numerous possibilities for a wonderful holiday for the entire family. Here are some interesting ideas when traveling with your family on a holiday to Denmark.

Mobile Holiday 

One of the best ways to discover Denmark is to be constantly on the move. The geography of the region makes it easy to explore the country by private vehicle or public transport. Try biking through the scenic locales of Denmark along the comfortable designated routes for bikers. Consider an exploratory trip of Denmark along its stunning waterways. Canoeing, kayaking and ferrying through the islands can make an experience of a lifetime for the whole family. In Copenhagen, for instance, you can make a trip to Kastrup Sobad by train or car. There are great opportunities here to sunbathe, indulge in a variety of water sports and take a cool dip in the Baltic Sea.

Rural Farm Vacation 

If your idea is to introduce the splendors of country life, a trip to the Danish countryside for a farmhouse vacation may be a wonderful idea. Kids are bound to love the experience of playing with pet farm in tranquil surroundings, away from city life. Milking cows and tilling vegetable gardens are things the entire family can do. An interesting option is to visit the Viking Age farm settlements near the towns of Saedding and Vorbasse. Amid these tranquil, ancient farming communities a wonderful vacation awaits you and your family.

History Tour of Denmark 

Consider a “history tour” of Denmark. There are special history experiential trips to transport your family back to the Iron Age or the Bronze Age. If your idea is to introduce your family to more recent centuries of Danish history, there are organized tours available for every time period. A historical tour of the ancient town of Kolding is an excellent option that promises a unique experience of Danish history.

Activity Park Holiday

For families keen on amusement and adventure activities, there are many activity parks in Denmark. There is a variety of fun-filled activities and thrilling adventures for kids as well as adults at these parks. Pony rides, shooting gallery, Wild West adventures, aerial rope climbing, miniature golf, water cycling, go-carting, aqua games, picnic areas and playgrounds make for an exciting outdoor holiday for the family. Tivoli Park in the town of Kobenhavn offers 25 amusement rides and a wide range of restaurants. It is famous for its shows, concerts and fireworks.

Wildlife Exploration 

Let your family revel in the midst of nature and wildlife at the Ebeltoft Animal Safari or the Knuthenborg Park and Safari in Bandholm. These trips will provide an unforgettable experience around a monkey island and a tiger forest. The zoological gardens and animal parks of Denmark provide a chance to view some of the most majestic and exotic animals and birds from all over the world. 

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