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In 1167 Copenhagen was a tiny village called “Havn” which king Valdemar I gave to his trustee, the bishop Absalon of Roskilde. Since then it gradually grew to be the first city of Denmark, in part because the harbour of Roskilde became inaccessible to the larger trading ships. In 1417 Copenhagen became the capital of Denmark. It’s now by far the largest and most important town in Denmark, with numerous Museums and the hippest Nightlife in the country.

It has an old center and some interesting town development schemes of the 18th, 19th and 20th century.  The royal palaces are a sight to see; but the squatters quarter of Christiania is equally remarkable. Of course one should visit Copenhagen's most famous attraction, the little mermaid statue near the Churchillpark.  The little mermaid statue is, well, 'little', sometimes dissappointing tourists.  A more impressive sight would be the Gefion fountain. But these are things one should experience oneself.


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