Beaches in Denmark

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Following are some of the popular Denmark beaches that tourists can visit while touring the country.

Bisnap Beach

Located close to the northern end of Jutland, Bisnap beach is a popular among locals. The beach is located just outside the town of Hals, which is approximately 30 km from Aalborg. Bisnap is a large beach with a long stretch to walk. The beach is not only ideal for tourists looking for a good swim, but is also good for children as there are numerous activities available for them. One of the best things about Bisnap beach is that it has a dedicated path on the beach that wheelchairs can access easily.

Middelfart Marina

This is another popular Danish beach that can be found on the Funen Island. Blue waters and sandy shores make this beach ideal for both, adults and children. In fact, there is a playground for children on this beach. There is also a volleyball court that provides entertainment for teenagers. Middelfart Marina offers visitors a bathing jetty and benches and tables to relax. This beach is easily accessible as it is almost towards the center of Denmark. The E20 road from Odense towards Kolding will take visitors straight to the beach. 

Amager Beach

Located close to the Danish capital of Copenhagen, this is another wonderful beach to visit. Amager beach is ideal for tourists who don’t want to travel too far from the city to enjoy pleasant waters and ideal sunshine. Denmark’s public transport offers three stops at this beach. You can stop at Amager Strand Station from where you can enjoy a splendid view of the Oresund Bridge. Wheelchairs can also be used on this beach, making it ideal for everyone.

Bildso Beach

Tourists looking for a quieter beach to relax at should definitely visit the Bildso Beach, located towards the south-west of Zealand. Not many people know about this beach, so there is very little crowd here. Bildso has a small parking area and convenience store close to the beach. Tourists can easily make their way to Bildso Beach from the big town of Slagelse. The beach is about 15 minutes away from the town if one takes road 277.

Henne Strand/ Nymindegab Strand Beach

These are two of the best beaches in Denmark that you must visit. Located close to Esbjerg, the beaches of Henne Strand and Nymindegab Strand are to the south-west of Jutland. Tourists who enjoy surfing will love these beaches as they get ideal waves from the North Sea. A unique feature of these beaches are the beautiful and dunes that can be seen all across the shoreline.

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