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accommodation in Denmark

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Following is a list of Denmark hotels that tourists can choose from for a comfortable accommodation in the country.

Best Western Hotel Richmond

Located in central Copenhagen, this 3 star hotel is ideal for tourists looking to explore the city. This is because the hotel is located relatively close to the Tivoli Gardens and Town Hall Square. The hotel has about 127 rooms that provide comfortable accommodation and ideal amenities. Tourists can choose from single, double and family rooms based on their requirements. Room rates start from approximately $98, depending on the kind of room and facilities.

Ocean Hotel

Situated in Kastrup, this is a 3 star seaside hotel that connects central Copenhagen by a 12 minute metro ride. The Ocean Hotel has individually decorated guestrooms which include a well equipped kitchen. This hotel is ideal for tourists that want to be close to the beach as it offers spectacular views of the Kastrup Beach Park. The hotel facilities include a communal lounge and private garden, making it perfect for tourists who prefer a little privacy. Apartment rates start at approximately $163.

Copenhagen Plaza

Tourists looking for a luxurious stay in the capital city should consider staying in this 4 star hotel. The hotel has about 93 rooms that are well furnished and offer spectacular views of the city. Equipped with services like good restaurants, bars, room service, currency exchange and dry cleaning among many others, the Copenhagen Plaza is ideal for all kinds of tourists. Room rates start at around $124, depending on the type of room.

Scheelsminde Hotel

This is a 4 star hotel located in Aalborg which is styled traditionally. It includes about 98 rooms that offer suitable leisure facilities for tourists looking to simply relax and unwind. The strategic location of the Scheelsminde Hotel makes it perfect for those who want to explore the city with complete ease. Facilities in the hotel include sauna, indoor pool, lobby, gym and laundry facilities. The hotel also has a restaurant that serves different kinds of cuisines, making it perfect for tourists from all over the world. Room rates start at about $125.

Copenhagen Airport Hotel

Tourists looking for easy and quick transport to Denmark’s airport should opt to stay in this hotel. It is also located close to the bus station, downtown Copenhagen and the bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. The Copenhagen Hotel offers comfortable rooms and good amenities like ensuite bathrooms, a restaurant, bar/lounge and internet connection. The hotel is ideal for both, business and leisure as it is surrounded by woods, green fields and beaches. It is also one of the few budget friendly hotels in Copenhagen with room rates starting at about $75.

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