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Aarhus, or Århus, is one of the largest cities in Denmark, second only to the capital, Copenhagen and sits on the Jutland Peninsula. Aarhus has a metropolitan population of around 1.2 million people with 240,000 living in the main part of the city and is home to the main port in all of Denmark with a large importing and exporting industry. Denmark also has an excellent national policy forcing people to live inland instead of near the coast so you will find beautiful beaches, both sandy and stony, with only sparse populations surrounding them. Railway access is abundant in Aarhus so it is not difficult to reach from elsewhere on the mainland. Transport through and around the town is also abundant via bus or train. Aarhus city bikes are very popular and free to use for 24 hours. 

What to See

Aarhus is said to be the oldest large city in all of Scandinavia, so it is a perfect destination for the history buff. The Moesgård Museum is 6.2 miles south of downtown Aarhus and is located in a large manor. The bus line number 6 leaves the main train and bus station in Aarhus every 30 minutes and ends at the museum. Moesgård features both permanent and alternating exhibitions and a prehistoric walkway that will take you near sites from the Iron, Stone and Bronze Ages. The entrance fee is $12 for adults. 

Aarhus is home to Denmark's tallest cathedral. Aarhus Cathedral stretches 315 feet sky-ward and construction was finished in 1300. After much of the town burned down, though, the church had to be restored and partially rebuilt, being finished in 1500. The Royal Academy of Music is a large contributor to the music culture in Aarhus and is also a graduate school hosting many musical events. 

Where to Stay

Due to the size of Aarhus, many types of accommodation are available. The City Sleep-In hostel is a great place to stay if you're on a tight budget. Wireless internet and a main room are at your disposal. A bed in a shared room costs around $28 per person per night. If you'd like something more refined, try the Hotel Royal situated in the city center. This hotel is meant for luxury and you can tell by it's mansion-like facade. The most standard of rooms is $285 per night and includes wireless internet and a large breakfast buffet. All rooms are equipped with a minibar, phone, television with cable and an electric kettle for tea and/or coffee.

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