When to Go in Prague

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Prague is a fairytale city that can be visited and enjoyed at any time of the year. If you're planning a trip to Prague, here is a rundown on what you can expect in each of the four seasons, as well as when to find the best festivals and how to avoid (or join) the crowds.


From December through February winter descends on Prague. Unfortunately the snow does tend to stick to the mountains and leaves the city with a coating of slush and ice, which is much less romantic than a dusting of snow. But don't be too put off, as those lovely moments of snowfall do occasionally happen. The days are generally dry and sunny, and temperatures are cold, often settling around freezing. Bring your hats and mittens, and be prepared for the freezing cold winds that whip by. If you're asthmatic then carry your inhaler at all times, as pollution tends to get bad in the winter.


This is a beautiful time to visit the city as the temperatures are warm but not yet hot. The days are dry and sunny, but be prepared for the rainy spells that are prevalent in May, heralding the start of summer. The gardens are beautiful this time of year, as is the surrounding countryside. Dress in layers, as the weather turns chilly in the evening, and pack your umbrella just in case.


Summers in Prague are hot and wet, with rainfall and storms being very common. You'll not only want to pack your umbrella, but probably carry it most days. Don't be too worried, though, as sunny days are still plentiful. Temperatures usually stay below 30 degrees C, but most days will reach between 30 and 35 degrees C for at least a short while. Keep in mind that it stays hot through September. Again, bring your inhaler every time you venture outdoors, as pollutions rise with the heat.


This season is beautiful, warm and pleasant. The trees begin to change colors and the city is vibrant and sparkling. Temperatures drop again as September gives way to October, but it's still warm and sunny. Like spring, remember to dress in layers to go between indoors and outdoors as well as from day to night.


Prague has plenty of outdoor summer festivals that will keep you entertained. The most popular of these is the Classical Music Festival. In the spring and autumn you can continue with the music tradition at the International Music Festivals. While many tourist locations close early in the winter, you can entertain yourself with the many Christmas markets and the New Year's Eve Festival. February also brings about the best of the balls.


Peak season in Prague is generally around Easter, Christmas, May, June and September. Mid-summer is often a bit cheaper and less crowded. The low season goes from January to March and also includes November. During these times you can expect to pay half price at hotels.

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