Top 5 Must Do's in Prague

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Prague is a truly majestic city, and one could never get tired of visiting and revisiting all of the glorious sights that the city has to offer. But if you can only manage to make this a once-in-a-lifetime trip, here are five places you should visit in order to make it a memorable one.

The Charles Tower Bridge

Though some consider the bridge to be a cliché and a tourist trap nowadays, there is no denying its charm. Lined with statues on either side and filled with people in the middle, the bridge is home to many vendors and artists trying to make their living in the city. For a less crowded experience, visit the Charles Tower Bridge early in the morning and head up into the tower for some breathtaking views of the castle. And don't forget to touch the statue of St. John of Nepomuk to wish for a return trip to Prague. You'll also find another statue very near that of St. John that contains five stars at the base. Fit your fingers onto the stars and ask for good luck.

Prague Castle

This castle is one of the most amazing in Europe, looking like it popped out of a fairytale storybook. Inside you can tour some of the rooms as well as the gardens. The castle grounds also contain St. George's Convent and St. Vitus Cathedral, both very much worthy of a tour. Wander down the Golden Lane to see the small cottages where Kafka used to stay, and end your visit with a tour of the Lobkowicz Palace Museum at the east end of the castle grounds.

Wenceslas Square

This square is one of the most historically significant places in Prague. It was a prime location in the Nazi occupation, the Communist takeover and the Velvet Revolution. At night the square is beautifully lit and awesome to see, especially with the Museum of Natural History dominating the skyline at its end. During the day you can browse through the shops or stop in at a cafe to relax.

Old Town Square

This square has a bit more architecture than commercialism. On one side of the square you can see the Gothic Church and marvel at its many spires. Then turn to the other side and see the Classical Church with its modern feel and ornate designs. And don't forget to stay through at least one chiming of the Astronomical Clock. The clock was built to time various astronomical events, and still works today. Each hour a set of wooden puppets dance out to entertain watchers.

The Rudolfinum

If you're a music lover or an architecture lover, be sure to visit the Rudolfinum. This music hall is an amazing example of neo-renaissance building. Inside is the Gallery of Modern Art, as well as the concert hall where the Prague National Orchestra regularly performs. Be sure to book yourself some tickets well in advance of your travels.

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