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Public Transport
The public transport system in Prague is really excellent. It has to be, the different means carry over one million passengers each a day. The basic 18 KC ticket allows you to travel on only one means of transport for up to 20 minutes. The 26 KC ticket gives you 75 minutes and you can change your means of transport within the three services. These tickets can be bought either from the amazingly complicated machines in the stations, from Tobacco-Shops (where you ask 'yizdenky, prosim'), or often from the little stalls selling cheap books within the metro station areas.

After you buy a ticket you have to validate it by putting it into a slot in a yellow machine, found either at entrances to metro stations or inside the buses and trams.

There are no regular ticket inspectors, but they do have spot checks quite often and they are entitled to fine you up to 950 Kc or 700 KC if paid on the spot. (As with other fines, you don't actually have to pay on the spot even if it seems like it. He is able to give you a ticket explaining where and when you have to pay.

For information (in various languages) on the bus system please call 800 19 18 17. The main bus station is at FLORENC on Metro lines 'B' and 'C'. Metro trains are very efficient and can usually be relied upon to arrive every 3 or 4 minutes. The last one leaves its end of the line station, heading for home, at midnight.

The normal bus and tram services operate from 04.30 to 23.30. After this time a special night service takes over. For information on the whole Prague public transport system (in English or German) call: 294 682.

 Various passes are available from the large metro stations (e.g. Mustek) and they provide excellent value if you mean to make use of the transport. They are valid for buses, trams, metro and the funicular. Some price examples are: 24 hours. 100 Kc 3 days 330 Kc 5 days 500 Kc . There are longer term passes for those staying much longer. Prices above here were corrected on 01/09/10

Three particularly useful trams is the 22 which go to the castle and the Strahov Monastery and the 17 which stays beside the river for much of its length. These two lines have half interval than the others (5 min. instead of 10), making them an even more interresting choice.

The main Railway station is 'Hlavni Nadrazi' on Metro line 'C'. For information on train services call: 840 112 113. (They also speak English and German).

Prague's airport is about 10km away from the city centre.  The cheapest way to get to the city centre is taking the bus and then connecting to the metro.  Tickets are sold in the arrivals hall and will cost 26Kc.  Either take Bus 119 to Dejvicka which is a terminus of Line A on the metro or Bus 100 to Zlicin which is a terminus of Line B.  From there, take the metro to the city centre. Another bus line is the AE, offering a direct connection to the main station or the Masaryk station for 50 KC.  A little more expensive is the Cedaz airport shuttle.  120Kc will get you from the the airport to Namesti Republicky which is on Line B while a ride to Dejvicka will cost you 90 KC.  480Kc will take 1-4 persons to any address in the city centre.  Taxis are available but overcharging is common place.

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