Ostrava Travel Guide

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VSB "ufo" and students dorm

VSB "ufo" and students dorm

Duarte Teixeira

Ostrava is the third largest city (312 000  inhabitants) in the Czech republic and one of the most interesting places to visit. Since 1989 the industrial city's face has changed radically. Ostrava is an important cultural, trade and sporting centre.

The most famous attraction is probably Stodolni street with more than 60 clubs and pubs around. Different atmosphere, style and kind of music in the pubs make Stodolní Street really special. People can choose music from the early 60´s up today so everybody can find their "cup of tea." Stodolní Street is visited by thousands of people every week.

Visitors could not miss the historical city centre, which was recently restored and is full of interesting buildings, churches and shops.

Within the city there are over 200 sports pitches, 5 open or covered stadiums, 122 sports halls, 3 ice rinks, 11 covered swimming pools and 5 open-air swimming pools, including the one in Poruba which attracts thousands visitors every year and is the biggest of its kind in the country.The nearby Beskydy and Jeseniky mountains offer many opportunities for hiking and winter sports. Just outside the city lies the popular and internationally known 18-hole golf course at Silherovice.

Ostrava is home to a rich cultural life all year round. The city has five permanent theatres, which play opera, drama, ballet and operetta. In addition, there are a range of cultural centres which often stage dramatic and musical events featuring artists from the Czech Republic and abroad.

The Landek park with the exposition of mining museum, now well-known across Europe, map the history of coal-mining in the city. The mining museum contains a large collection of mining lamps and other equipment, and visitors can go down into a reconstructed coal seam or see the remains of the settlement of mammoth-hunters who once lived on the spot.
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