Nachod Travel Guide

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Nachod is a beautiful town on the Czech-Polish border (literally - go shopping in the hypermarket and you're right next to the border patrol). Picturesque and situated in stunning countryside, walks in the surrounding area are a must (especially when covered in snow, as they were over the Christmas period).

To eat, try the Town Hall Restaurant. A lunch for two came to the equivalent of £2 each, a meal for 5 (with two courses for most people and drinks) came to £15 all in. Good service, excellent food.

Colin Clarke



Across border, in Poland, about 10km from Nachod there is a spa town Kudowa Zdroj with several mineral springs, colonnade & park.


Over Nachod there is an enthusiasts driven museum of Czech fortification from 1930’s – infantry blockhouse N-82 „Brezinka“. Nicely reconstructed. Open daily in summer. Entrance fee voluntary (in 2002). Access on foot only (“green” touristic route from Nachod).


A historical comment: Till 1945 the border near Nachod wasn’t the Czech-Polish but Czech(oslovak)-German. In 1930’s it meant Hitler’s Germany border. As prevention of possible German attack, Czechoslovakia started project of border fortifications to lower German military predominance. Fortification consisted of formations of light bunkers, heavy defensive structures and light and heavy obstacles along the whole German, Austrian and Hungarian border. Czechoslovakia didn’t manage to complete the whole intended fortification althought about 226 heavy objects and about 10000 light objects were built up to year 1938. Czech fortifications never were used in combat because Germany seized Czech lands without military resistance after Czech key allies France and Great Britain refused to support Czechoslovakia against Germany (this is very simplified: see Munich Agreement and the „Second Republic“ (era 1938-1939) in historical publications).


Larger fortification – Fortess Dobrosov from the same era is farther away from Nachod. Some reports say the opening hours are May-September, daily except Monday, 10-11 and 13-17.


There is a touristic information office near main square in Nachod (openning hours on workdays and on Saturday morning – 2002)


//notice: this is not written in English. This is written in Czenglish. But you can translate it to English if you want :) .


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