Děčín Travel Guide

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A church where Dr. Albert Sweitzer played organ

A church where Dr. Albert Sweitzer played organ


The town of Děčín is situated in Northern Bohemia, a beautiful region of hills, valleys and rivers. Bohemian Switzerland, which is said to be to be a marvelous island of virgin nature in the heart of Europe and was declared National Park on 1 January 2000, lies just few kilometers to the North. Numerous marked tourist trails that connect unique sights with the spots of natural value lure more and more visitors to this area, mostly people anxious to escape the city noise, people looking for quiet and rest. 

The Elbe River canyon, the biggest sandstone canyon in Europe , and the sandstone rocks in particular have their own large following. Sandstone, that dominates the area and creates hundred-meter high rocks, was due to its malleability often used in the baroque architecture.

Děčín was established in the second part of the 13th century below the "Castle Rock" where the rivers Labe and Ploučnice meet. The first record of the town dates from 1283. The establishment of Royal Town is illustrated by the Coat of Arms of 1384 which shows the twin Czech lions holding a large fish in their paws.

Though not big, the population is of some 54 thousand inhabitants, it has many beautiful sights and rich history.

The chateau of Děčín lies in the very centre of the town, above the confluence of the Elbe ( Labe ) and Ploučnice rivers. It is one of the biggest and historically most important buildings of its kind in the Czech Republic . Thanks to the Thun-Hohenstein family, the chateau became a well knows cultural centre where people like Walter Scott or Fryderyk Chopin spent some time of their life (F. Chopin composed the “Děčín” Waltz As-Dur here). The most famous native of Děčín of present times is probably the best paid tompodel in the world Karolína Kurková.

The reason you could loose your heart for Děčín is not monumental architecture, but the wonderful connection of civilization and nature that you can feel all the time you are there.

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