Top 5 Must Do's in Croatia

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Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe. It has nice weather and offers a wide spectrum of tourist attractions. Croatia Must Do's include the following:

1. Visit to Dubrovnik

Croatia is situated by the side of the Adriatic Sea, and Dubrovnik is without a doubt the most attractive destination of the Adriatic. Dubrovnik is a nice coastal city with excellent Gothic- and Renaissance-style churches. It has dreamy fountains and grand Baroque-style palaces. You can go kayaking, snorkeling and fishing in this town, which boasts excellent cafes serving seafood delicacies made from fresh catch.

2. Nightlife at Hvar

Hvar is another picturesque coastal town. This town has nice white sandy beaches and crystal clear water that is excellent for snorkeling, but the real Hvar comes out only after dark. It has excellent nightclubs and bars, and the whole town comes to life in the night. You can have a sip of wine and watch belly dancers twirl around the dance floor in the traditional style.

3. Salona Amphitheatre

Unlike Zagreb or Dubrovnik, Salona is a historical town. The history attached to it goes way back to the times of Greek civilization. It was ruled by the Roman Empire, and served as the capital city of Dalmatia. The city houses ruins of marvelous ancient structures, which shed light on its glorious past. The city was totally destroyed by the Venetians during the 18th century. Today if you visit Salona, the ruins and rubbles are sure to pique your interest, eliciting a unique mix of awe and sadness for the glorious past to have had such an end.

4. Korcula Island

Korcula Island epitomizes the culture of Croatia. Korcula is the capital city of Korcula Island, yet it is a small town with only 3,000 residents. This tiny city will give you an authentic account of the fisherman’s lifestyle in that region. Here you can try your hand at sea fishing, or visit the nearby town of Lumbarda, home of the only sandy beach on Korcula Island. Racisce is another small village, with prehistoric caves that will take you thousands of years back in human history.

5. Blue Cave at Bisevo Island

The tiny islet of Bisevo will give you an experience you've never had before. The small Island has around 10 caves, with the Blue Cave being the most attractive. On a sunny day, the sun rays passing through the underwater opening brighten the cave with fluorescent blue light. Objects inside glow with hues of silver and pink. The effect is definitely unearthly and can’t be explained effectively in words.

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