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Horsebackriding in Sinj

Horsebackriding in Sinj

Sinj is a town in the continental part of Split-Dalmatia county , Croatia . The town itself has a population of 11,500 (2001 census), while the population of the administrative municipality which includes surrounding villages is 25,373 (2001). Sinj is the center of an area known as Cetinska krajina, a group of settlements situated on a fertile karstic field (Sinjsko polje) through which the river Cetina passes. Sinj lies between four mountains: Svilaja, Dinara, Kamešnica and Visoka. Those mountains give Sinj it's specific submediterranean climate (hotter summers and colder winters). The town grew around an ancient fortress held by the Ottomans until the beginning of the 18th century, and the Franciscan monastery with the church of Our Lady of Sinj (Gospa Sinjska), a place of pilgrimage. The anniversary of the last victory over the Ottoman army in 1715 is celebrated yearly in the beginning of August by Sinjska Alka, an equestrian competition in which ceremonially dressed horsemen try to hit a small ring (alka) with their lance while galloping. Sinj and Cetinska Krajina represent an interesting tourist area, and the major attraction, for which the town is known at home and abroad, is certainly the traditional Tilters Tournament of Sinj (Alka). It takes place every year on the first Sunday in August to commemorate the victory over the Turkish army in 1715. The tilters, dressed in the traditional costumes, ride on horseback in full gallop, trying to thrust a ring (alka), hanging from a wire, with a lance.The tilter who scores the highest number of points (punat) is declared victor. Many tourist from Croatia and abroad visit the Tilters Tournament every year. Sinj is known to be a place where gastronomy is apreciated. Someone once said, only in Sinj, people eat everything that flies, crawls, walks and swims. Sinj is known for great frogs, cray-fish, trout, arambasici, and lamb recipes.

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