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Waterfront, Rijeka

Waterfront, Rijeka


With its 150,000 inhabitants, located on an area of only 44m², Rijeka is the third city in Croatia. On the basis of its turbulent history and rich cultural heritage, Rijeka created its recognisable identity as an open city, a multinational and multicultural centre, in which tolerance, understanding and coexistence have a special meaning and value.

Rijeka has a convenient geographical and traffic location, on the spot where the Adriatic went deep into the European continent. Today Rijeka is a city of intensive development towards the tertiary or service activities. However, Rijeka intends to keep its typical economical activities, such as port activities, shipbuilding and oil processing industry. Special attention has been paid to the communal infrastructure, sustainable development and ecology. It is with pride that I can say that Rijeka is one of few cities from the East Adriatic Coast, which solved the problem of sea protection from pollution after the erection of Waste Water Treatment Plant.

However, the true value of Rijeka lies in its inhabitants, people open and friendly towards foreigners, people who speak at least one foreign language and for whom communication with the world is a major part of their everyday work.


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