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To the Seaside Promenade

To the Seaside Promenade

K. Maskarin

Tourism in Rab goes back to the 19-th century. But Rab got its spot on the map when the British King, Edward VIII stayed there with his great love, the American Wallis Simpson. They say that he was the first to go swimming without any clothes. This is how nudism was founded on Rab. Rab is one of the islands richest in forests with as many as three hundred springs of water.

Rab gets really busy in the summer months of July and August, this can be just the right place for you if you're looking for great bussy summer time. For quieter times, visit the island in June and September. temperatures: end of May/ June: air 23-28, sea 18 degrees mid June/ mid July: air 30-34 sea 18-24 July/ August: air 30-45, sea 24-28.


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