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Villa Antonio

Villa Antonio

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Peljesac peninsula is the second largest in Croatia, located in south Dalmatia in  immediate proximity of  Dubrovnik. Natural beauty on Peljesac still stands against commercial and urban values.

Peljesac is 85 km long, 358 square km in size, and has about 8000 inhabitants. Although it's attached to the Croatia mainland - making it easy to reach, it has all the characteristics of typical Dalmatian island, in natural beauty and the way of living. As it was commercialy neglected for years - it stil have beauty of unspoiled nature, crystal clean bays and traditional villages - being one of the rare tourist resorts in Europe which still can fully express the Croatia tourism tagline: Mediterranean as it was.

Although it's interesting as a whole, and in all of it's aspects - there are several extraordinary things making Peljesac what it is. It's nature and beautiful beaches - which can be enjoyed at any part of peninsula. Peljesac maritime tradition which you can still feel in  Orebic - the town of captains. One of the best windsurfing spots in this part of Europe - Viganj, and, certanly not the least important - Peljesac wines - famous red Dingac, Postup and other sorts of Plavac mali - which absolutely should be tasted (as well as mussels and oysters in the area of Ston) if you are visiting this part of the world.


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