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Vid-Norinriver Summer 05

Vid-Norinriver Summer 05

Narona just outside Metkovic was a Greek settlement first mentioned by the Greek historian Theopompus (Historian for Alexander The Great) in the fourth century BC. The town continued to be on of the most important towns in the area and was eventually promoted to the rank of colony under the Romans that used the town as a base for attacks on rebel states and on those pirates’ nests that the island-dotted waters always fostered.

Once rebels and bandits had been eradicated the town’s importance grew even further as it became the regions business centre. Its status lasted until the sixth century where it began to decline to be completely abandoned in the mid seventh century.
Excavation and restoration is still going on so don't expect to see the likes of Rome. Keeping this in mind a stroll through the Forum and along the remains of the once magnificent defensive walls is a nice break from lying around getting grilled on the beach. And besides: For those with 20-20 vision old Greek and Roman coins are still found from time to time (and by no means only by archaeologists). Should you not be as lucky as to find any yourself there is a large collection of coins found at Narona at:
The Archaeological Museum in Split

Stop by the tourist office in Metkovic (Stjepana Radica 4, telephone: 00 385 20/ 681 578) to obtain a map to guide you to the ancient city of Narona The Village of Vid lies on the outskirts of the archaeological site. In connection to the school there is a small museum housing primarily artifacts from the Roman period.
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