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Korcula is one of the biggest islands of Croatia. Few people know that Marco Polo, the famous Venetian explorer was actually born on here, in Croatia. The island’s capital is also called Korcula. This ancient city, called "Little Dubrovnik", is among the most beautiful towns on the Croatian coast and is known for its unique architecture. One of the main attractions is the house of Marco Polo, which can be visited in the old city center.

The biggest and the most beautiful building of Korcula is the Cathedral of St. Marco. South from it, there is the Bishop's Palace where the Abbatial Treasury of St. Marco is placed today with a rich collection of Croatian and Italian Renaissance artists, a collection of manuscripts and books and a collection of the ceremonial clothes. North from the Cathedral, there is a small church of St. Peter, the oldest preserved church in the town from the 11th century, on the western side of the square, there is Crkva Gospojina (Church of Our Lady) from 1483, a major Renaissance construction.

The Town Museum is situated in the palace Gabrielis, one of the most beautiful Korcula palaces, in the Renaissance style from the 16th century. From the palace Gabrielis towards the sea, you find two other interesting Palazzi, the palace Arneri and the palace Ismaelis

A walk around the old city gives you the possibilty to se ethe old city walls and the many towers that protected the city against invadors.

On the western part of the island of Korčula is the little town of Vela Luka, located at the bottom of a deeply and wide bay indented by many coves, the slopes of which descend slowly to the sea, covered with vineyards, olive trees, fig trees and pines. Wide panorama views, a mild Mediterranean climate, clear sea, an interesting and rich cultural heritage, various sports and leisure potential make Vela Luka an attractive tourist destination.

This town with 2671 hours of sunny weather annually, is the second is size place on the Adriatic islands, a safe anchorange and port for boaters. Scattered as pearls in the bay of Vela Luka, the little islands Proizd and Ošjak celebrated in songs are popular tourist excursion destinations, virgin oasessurrounded by clear sea and covered with thick pine woods. On the south slope of the hill Pinski rat there is an extraordinary archaelogical site Vela Spila, one of the most important prehistoric finds in Europe, providing us with a picture of life on the Mediterannean in the last twenty thousand years. The excavated objects are exhibitited in the museum collection of the Culture centre. A scenic view on the Hum hill gives an unique view of Vela Luka and the broad surrounding of the island of Korčula. In the cove of Kale, not far from the centre of the town, is a health resolt “Kalos”, a centre for medical rehabilitation, where rheumatic diseases are treated with the use of healing mud.

In the place itself and in the beautiful coves of Vela Luka there are numerous summer houses and apartmnets offering private accomodation. Restaurants in Vela Luka base their gastronomic range on local food and provide service in pleasant Mediterranean interiors with the ubiquitous sounds of “klapa” songs, for which Vela Luka is Widely known.
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