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Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that it is well-known for its historical tourist attractions and ‘old world’ charm. This is definitely a nice option for senior travelers looking to discover more off beat destinations in Europe. Dubrovnik's beautiful beaches, festivals with live plays, and quaint monuments make for interesting discoveries. The Dubrovik senior travel guide lists several ideas for senior travelers to make the most of their trip to this ancient Croatian city.

Sponza Palace

The Sponza Palace that was constructed by Paskoje Miličević is one of the best and most beautiful structures of Dubrovnik. This monument was originally built as a customs house on a spot that featured on all major trade routes in the past. Today, its atrium is known for the beautiful art gallery that displays stunning works from the past and present. The palace also contains Dubrovnik’s archives that include one hundred thousand documents, books and manuscripts.

The Rectors Palace

The Rectors Palace is a striking edifice with an elegant staircase and exquisite marble carvings. The architecture of this palace is a amalgam of Gothic and Renaissance and it is surrounded by gorgeous buildings like the Church of Saint Blaise, The Town Hall and the Cathedral. One of its finest features is the statue of Saint Blaise, which was created by Ivan Duknovi ć, the master sculptor.

Dubrovnik’s Famous Churches

Another grand trace of the Renaissance period is Petar Andrijic's work- the Saint Saviour Church. Although the church is no longer used for mass, events like concerts and exhibitions are held here regularly. The Saint Blaise’s Church is another nice attraction for senior tourists due to its rare and historical relics of Saint Blaise. Senior travelers will appreciate the wide vintage staircase design and antique interiors of the Church.

The Walls of Dubrovnik

Visitors can sightsee and take pictures around the popular Dubrovnik’s wall, which surrounds the entire city. It has several stairs that lead to a spot where tourists can catch a breathtaking view of the city. The long climb to the steep stairs of the wall is definitely worth the trouble.

When visiting Dubrovnik, senior visitors can expect to spot plenty of old houses and revamped ancient streets, along with heritage religious structures and architecturally brilliant palaces.

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