Getting There in Dubrovnik

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Cruise Ship in Dubrovnik Harbor

Cruise Ship in Dubrovnik Harbor

Joseph Hollick

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Jadrolinija ferries

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Many people take the ferry to Dubrovnik, which is probably more comfortable and more affordable than the bus. The largest Croatian company is Jadrolinija which has lines that hop from Rijeka to Zadar to Split, Hvar and then Dubrovnik throughout the year. There is also a good link to Italian ports (Bari and Ancona)if you want to cross over to Italy or v.v. For timetables and other booking information visit

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Stacy Kowtko

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Apparently arriving at Dubrovnik by air is not the easiest thing in the world to do, nor the cheapest.  One suggestion that seems to work very well, if coordinating separate tickets doesn't scare you, is to book a flight from your departure city to either London or Frankfurt.  British Air, Lufthansa, and Croatia Airlines use these cities as hubs and it is rather difficult to get most American airlines to partner with them for easy ticketing.  Separate booking, however, gives *much* more flexibility and often a lower price.

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