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Dubrovnik is a nice Croatian city that features several quaint bars and cafes in the old town region and surrounding neighbourhoods. Locals and tourists are often seen enjoying their evenings at open air terrace cafes. The bars are more intimate and functional than chic, unlike other European cities. The Dubrovnik bars and cafes guide lists some great hangout options, where travelers can stop for a drink.

Biker’s Cafe

This iconic theme cafe is a first rate joint for racers and bike lovers. Located at Ploce in the old town region, Biker’s Cafe is patronized by the Libertas Club that comprises some of the most famous bike riders in the city. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful vista of the Island of Lokrum and the old town streets, while sipping on a chilled beer and listening to some pure rock ‘n’ roll. You are sure to find interesting locals for company at the tables of this informal yet comfortable watering hole.

Cafe Buza

This is another famous and inexpensive place where friends get together on a relaxed evening. It comes across as a no fuss, tiny place in an alley. Cafe Buza stocks a good wine collection and a single glass can cost you around £5. However for patrons looking for cheaper drinks, there are local beers that sell for around £2.50 each. The music played is more on the contemporary side. It will take a really good map to help you reach this unpretentious place, located at the far end of Illje Sarake.

SKYBAR Dubrovnik

This is a charming cocktail bar nestled on the streets of Dubrovnik’s city centre. SKYBAR Dubrovnik offers a brilliant collection of quirky and creative cocktails and a wide array of scrumptious grills along with a fine collection of wines, champagnes and beers. Several tourists are seen using the free internet Wi-Fi internet connection and enjoying their cup of coffee in the mornings.


Galerija is a vibrant destination run by two enthusiastic and enterprising girls. The ambiance is friendly, energetic and vivacious, with bright colored interiors and a fantastic terrace seating, which is always in demand. The cafe plays lovely music and guests are even gently prodded to shake a leg at times. Galerija is located in the Babin Kuk neighborhood, and is the only place in the area that is open past midnight. Try their fresh and yummy sandwiches.

Vapor Bar

Vapor Bar at Pera Cingrij is for tourists seeking a more sophisticated and upmarket setting within the confines of the five-star property- Hotel Bellevue. The cocktails served here are simply superb and the bar has an attractive terrace seating that is divided into two, with the other portion being one of the most famous restaurants in the city. Guests can sip on a stylish cocktail and catch wonderful glimpses of the harbor at sunset.

Dubrovnik has several unassuming old bars and cafes, where the atmosphere is more casual, personal and comfortable.

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