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Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities on the Croatian coast with the total population of approximately 43.000 inhabitants according to census of 2011. and visited in 2012. b 2,5 million tourists. In the Middle Ages the Republic of Dubrovnik was an important rival of Venice. Many buildings in the Old city center testify of this glorious past and to its Venetian influence.

The walls of Dubrovnik girdle a perfectly preserved complex of public and private, sacral and secular buildings representing all periods of the city’s history, beginning with its founding in the 7th century. Particular mention should be made of the city’s main street, Stradun, the Rector's Palace, the church of St Vlaho, the Cathedral, three large monasteries, the Custom's Office and the City Hall. The Republic of Dubrovnik was the centre of a separate political and territorial entity, and was proud of its culture, its achievements in commerce and especially of its freedom, preserved down so many tempestuous centuries.

Today, Dubrovnik is also a very lively city, with many things to do.  The coast nearby offers all sorts of activities and the town has many restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It has definitely been discovered by tourists, so be ready for the crowds, but you have to be a deeply jaded traveler not to appreciate it despite the crowds.

There are couple of great night clubs right next to the entrance to the Old city, just remember that the buses stop running at about 2.30 am.

If arriving by cruise ship, a popular way to visit Dubrovnik, be aware that there is no cruise terminal in the old port of Dubrovnik. Most cruise ships dock in the port   "Gruz." It is a 15 minute taxi or shuttle bus ride into town ( to the Pile Gate – the western entrance into the Old Town of Dubrovnik).You can contact directly recommended licensed/certified Dubrovnik Tour Guide Denis (denisdubrovnik@yahoo.com) for Dubrovnik walking tours or to visit Dubrovnik countryside as Dubrovnik excursion.Denis is recommended Dubrovnik Private Tour Guide for Dubrovnik shore excursions. There is very limited space in the old harbour located as a part of the old town of Dubrovnik and therefore tenders from the ships have limited time and space to bring you ashore and return you to your ship.

Whilst local currency Croatian Kuna is appreciated the Euro is widely accepted.


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