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Veliko turnovo

Veliko turnovo


Veliko Tarnovo is one of the most ancient Bulgarian towns. The picturesque situation and panoramic view of the town, its rich cultural and historical heritage wins Veliko Tarnovo the recognition as a historical, cultural and tourist center of contemporary Bulgaria.

The town was founder of the foot of the Northern Fore - Balkan Range. Historians date it back to the 4th millenium B. C.. The town of Veliko Tarnovo had inherited centuries-old Prehistoric, Thracian and Antique culture and in 1185 it became a center of the Bulgarian Uprising against Byzantine domination and the capital of the restored Bulgarian state. The medieval town of Tarnovo was rapidly expanding and developed into the strongest Bulgarian fortress during the 12-14th centuries. It become the most significant political, economic, cultural and religious centre of Bulgaria.

Modern Veliko Tarnovo is a town - museum rich in many cultural museums and monuments and architectural preserves. Every year the town is visited by thousands of tourists from Bulgaria and from abroad. It is a prime concern of the whole nation to study and preserve the numerous historical and architectural monuments, the rich museums and the museum cultural artifacts.

Modern Veliko Turnovo, with its modern Central Mall shopping Centre with multiplex cinemas, ten pin bowling alleys and host of stores, is in contrast to Gurko Street and Veliko Turnovo's old parts. Arbanassi is just up the hill from Veliko Turnovo, accessed by bike (Dangerous road), on foot (Very scenic) or by car. 

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