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Varna Sea garden at night

Varna Sea garden at night

Julia Koleva

Varna is third-largest (about 400 000 inhabitants) city in country and summer capital of Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The town has very good  sandy beaches and hotels and during the SSR times it was vacation spots for the Russian high officals. The town is full  of rich history and interesting places to go - a magnificent Archaelogical Museum, featuring the oldest hand-crafted gold in the world of nearly 8000 years, remains of Roman Baths and a beautiful Orthodox Cathedral... There are also Aquarium, Dolphinarium and Planetarium.

Varna is one of the oldest cities in Europe.Here in the suburbs of Varna was found the world's oldest golden treasure.Varna is a very beautiful city - after the fall of the communism the city started to develop very fast and today you can find almost everything here.Near the city there are a lot of resorts like Zlatni Pyasatzi (Golden Sands).There are a lot of pedestrian areas.Ploshtad Nezavisimost (Independence Square) is a famous gathering place for the city people.

Varna has a lot of bus and trolley lines.There's also an international bus and train station and also a busy international airport.Ferry lines go to Georgia and Ukraine.


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