Smolyan Travel Guide

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a veiw of the artificial lake DOSPAT in the Rodopi mountain, region of Smolyan

a veiw of the artificial lake DOSPAT in the Rodopi mountain, region of Smolyan

Antonia Dimitrova

How to get to Bulgaria

You can fly to Sofia airport using international airlines, or taking a Charter flight to Varna or Bourgas (Black Sea). You can come by train as well - Bulgaria is one of the routes used by the main international trains and there are train services from most European cities.

How to get to the region

You may reach the region by car or by bus. Travel by train is possible until Plovdiv. You can travel by bus to Chepelare, Pamporovo or Smolyan from Sofia (6 times per day from bus station close to main train station), or from Plovdiv (bus station "Rhodopes"). To reach villages in the region take a bus from the bus station in Smolyan.


The international dialing code for Bulgaria is ++359. You can use mobile phone in Bulgaria without problems; in Smolyan you will find some internet centres (app. 2 Leva per hour).


The unit of currency is the Bulgarian Lev, which is pegged to the German Deutschmark.


Although Bulgarian doctors are trained to a very high standard, many hospitals and clinics are generally not equipped and maintained at Western European standards. Basic medical supplies are widely available, but specialized treatment may not be obtainable out of the big towns. Visitors must pay cash for medical and health services.


Most of the prices in the region are moderate.

Some examples:

1 beer (0,5 l) 0,60 - 1,20 Leva

1 Coca-Cola (0,3 l) 0,50 - 1,00 Leva

1 mineral water (1.5 l) 0,40 - 0,80 Leva

Coffee/tea 0,20 - 0,50 Leva

Main course 5,00 - 8,00 Leva

Salad 1,20 - 2,00 Leva

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