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Rousse is situated on the Danube river. The city is the north gate of Bulgaria to Central and Western Europe. Rousse is 45,5 m above the sea-level. After the last census of population (1st March, 2001) the city's population is 162 128 people. Now the city is one of the biggest in the country. Rousse is one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria, it's very popular with it's history.
Rousse is one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria - established more than 1900 years ago. First the city was a Roman fortress "Sexaginta Prista" (which means "The port of the sixty ships"), after that it was called Rustchuk. Nowadays the name is Rousse.
The city is very popular with its architecture. Many tourists visit it every week during the whole year because the city is calm, beautiful and you can easy relax in it. In Rousse there is an picturesque embankment (quay) - very good place for a romantic walk or a picnic.
Rousse is also an important city in Bulgarian country.


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