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St Mina church

St Mina church

Kyustendil region is situated in southwestern Bulgaria on a territory of 3084,30 square km.
it borders Sofia-Pernik-and Blagoevgrad.To the west the region borders the Republics of Serbjia and Makedonia.
Kyustendil is the administrative center of the region and is located 86 km away from the Capital City Sofia, the territory is crossed by the tranport corridors E-4 and E-8.
KYUSTENDIL, also known as Pautalia in the ancient times and Velbuzhd in the Middle Ages, has had a seven-thousand-years history and has been a town for two thousand years now. The town has always been an important administrative, economic and spiritual centre.
It is famous for its hot MINERAL WATER SPRINGS and fertile lands and numerous rivers cross the region.
A great variety of precious monuments from different historical periods have been preserved and it is they who transmit the messages that our ancestors have left for us.
The town was an impressive resort in the Roman Empire and a center for recreation.
During 2nd and 3rd centuries a sanctuary called ASCLEPION was built and it was second in size in the Empire. Ancient therms dating back to the same period have been preserved till present day. The Sanctuary included a public health station, a bath with swimming pools halls for recreation and exercising, odeons and stadium.

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