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walk street (Kamberovića polje)

walk street (Kamberovića polje)


Located in the heart of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Zenica is situated in one of the largest and most beautiful valleys in the middle part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Zenica is not only industrial hearth of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but  one of the richest cultural and archeological areas of the country. During the existence of an old Bosnian state Zenica was a capital of much larger Bosnia than it is at the moment and had hosted its kings and nobles.

Still today it is one of the most interesting and culturally diversed Bosnian cities. Of course, there are a lot of touristic attractions including the old city core with its old mosques in the city centre (called "carsija"), churchs, the city's museum, the theatre and traditional holiday and picnic places (Babina Rijeka, Bistricak and Smetovi).

Most of all, vicinity of the summer and winter attractions on surroounding mountains and lakes, as well as cristal-clear rivers makes Zenica very attractive place to visit and live. As a tourist u will find many hotel/motel places with traditional Bosnian cousine based on smoked beef, beans, roast lamb and veal.   

Most visited places by a few crazy and naive tourists are the city's prison and metallurgical complex (iron works). The prison itself is the city's most infamous place and date back to the times of Austrian occupation, the same as the foundation of iron works and dirty industries in Zenica'a narrow valley. Most famous by the art of "stealing" and street fighting, Zenica's criminals are operationg throught the western Europe and worldwide.

This use to be urban legends about Zenica. This city is very developed now and good place to live. Welcome to Zenica.

Of course, you are welcome and all these facts can be confirmed easily with any of its 200,000 citizens.


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