Vlasenica Travel Guide

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Admir B.

Vlasenica is a municipality and town in the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is in the Vlasenica Region. It got its name from a locag type of grss, that only grows in this region, called "Birac". In the 1991 census the municipality had a population 33,817. The distribution was Muslims 18,699 (55.29%), Orthodox 14,356 (42.25%), Catholics 40 (0.12%), Yugoslavs 336 (0.99%) and others 386 (1.14%). The town itself had a population of 7,916. The distribution was Muslims 4,794 (61%), Christian-Orthodox 2,777 (35%), Catholics 28(0.003%) Yugoslavs 243 (0.03%) and others 74 (0.093%). During the 1992-1995 Bosnian Genocide the city and the municipality were taken over by the JNA (Jugoslav National Army), and serb Volunteers who expeled the entire Muslim population. Several hundred Bosniaks were killed and there were reports of rapes. The Orthodox set up a concentracion camp called SuĊĦica where many atrocities took place. Recently a there have been a number of Bosniaks who have returned to Vlasenica. However their return has been made difficult by the local authorities. The current population is overwhelmingly Orthodox. Economy is very slugish, but the left over population struggles to live a normal life. During the winter season, great local Ski Center "Igrista" is the was to injos the snow and ski. Surounding Rivers are also a great plate to go fishing, like Slapovi - Tisca, Kuslat -Drina and such. Down town market is the place to visit for some shopping experiance. And newly rebuilt "Hajrija" Mosque is a site to visit. Fun swimming can be exploted in the local lake "Jezero". Vlasenica has a great night life. For a struggling economy the two main clubs in town have good music and the general party crowd gathers. For the best local food try the Hotel M.
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