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Dijana Serhatlic

Vares is located 50 km north of Sarajevo, northeast of Visoko, east of Zenica. Vares has a long tradition of metal processing. Weapons for Roman legions were forged in this town and, later on in history, caravans of brisk Bosnian cavalry carried loads of iron and products in exchange for goods from Dubrovnik, Byzant and other areas. In old majdans (pronounced: my-dan), iron is melted, forged and hardened in traditional way. These majdans are witnesses of the past and generations of excellent craftsmen have grown from this tradition. Some of them are still active.

In XX century Vares became a strong industrial center with one of the largest iron mines in region and metal processing plants. Situated in wooded Zvijezda mountain, VareŇ° is still region with largest amount of forests in Bosnia. In period of crisis in former Yugolavia, following by civil war in 90's and post war hard times, all economic activities rapidly decreased, and now Vares has only about half of its pre-war population and almost nothing of industry. But, there is still a wonderful nature and clear healthy air, great tradition, many historical places and remainders of the past - Bobovac, the last castle of Bosnian medieval kings, the oldest church in Bosnia-Herzegovina, majdans in village of Ocevja, & much, much more. And, last but not least, you will always find pleasent and hospitable people.


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