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Tuzla Salt Lake

Tuzla Salt Lake

Dijana Serhatlic

The city has Europe's only salt lake as part of its central park; more than 100,000 people visit its shores every year. From Tuzla hails one of the most influential writers in the Balkans, Meša Selimović . In addition, Tuzla hosts the annual Meša Selimović book festival (in July), where an award for the best novel written in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia , and Serbia and Montenegro is presented. The first professional theatre in Tuzla, Narodno Pozorište u Tuzli , was founded by the brothers Mihajlo and Živko Crnogorčević in 1944.

Tuzla is the seat of the Tuzla Canton , which is a canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , as well as of Tuzla Municipality, which is one of the 13 municipalities that together constitute the Tuzla Canton. Administratively, Tuzla is divided into 39 mjesne zajednice (local districts).

Apart from Tuzla, the municipality incorporates several other adjacent settlements, including the town of Gornja Tuzla ( Upper Tuzla ), as well as the villages of Husino, Par Selo, Simin Han, Obodnica, Šići, and others.

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