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Eastern Wiew

Eastern Wiew

Osman Teskeredzic

Located in central Bosnia, Travnik is a nice place to visit, although it suffered from the war. Highlights include the Plava Voda (Blue Water), Stari Grad (oldest part), Osoje (traditional architecture).

Although it's is rather small, it takes less than 30 minutes to walk from one part of town to another, it's very fun for history enthusiasts.

You can visit Travnik all year round. Temperatures are great - no overheating, no winter-cold. A 30-minute drive will bring you to the Mt. Vlasic (2000meters)- great for hiking mountain sports.

Travnik 's location at the edge of the Vlasic mountains (1943 m) fostered the development of tourism. But the region is also famous for the Travnik sheep's milk cheese, a popular export item from Europe to the Americas .

Travnik is a picturesque city with the charisma of a visibly eventful past. It was the birthplace of Noble Laureate Ivo Andric, who commemorated his hometown in many of his works and whose birth house is home to an impressive museum.



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