Practical Information in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The official currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Konvertibilna marka (KM).

• 1KM=100 Pfennig
• Notes: 1 KM, 5KM, 10KM, 20KM, 50KM, 100KM, 200KM.

• Coins: 5KM, 2KM, 1KM, 0.5KM=50 Pfennig,
0.20KM=20 Pfennig, 0.10KM=10 Pfennig, 0,05KM=5 Pfennig

€ banknotes are mostly accepted, but coins won’t serve you much in shops, cafés, restaurants.

• 1KM=0,51129 €

Personal and travel checks are rarely accepted, but can be used in banks and exchange offices.
Credit cards, however, are accepted in most shops and some restaurants (check the labels at the front door). There are several ATMs in downtown area, and are mostly located in front of the banks.
Below are listed some of the banks in Sarajevo. Please keep in mind that opening/closing hours are usually 8am/8pm, except on Saturdays ( 8am/ 3pm). Banks are closed on Sundays.

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The local currency is the Bosnia Marka (BAM)

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