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Old bridge

Old bridge

Mostar is administrative, economic and cultural seat of Herzegovina. The multiethnic character has been preserved, in spite of ethnical cleansing which has been effectuated during the war conflicts.

Before the war, Mostar was famous an important touristic detsination with a large number of cultural-historical monuments, among them the Old Bridge, built in 1566.

The Old Bridge was destroyed during the war in the 1990's, and has since been rebuilt using stone from the same quarry as the original bridge. You might see some local men jumping from the top of the bridge into the shallow water below, which they will do only when they have received a certain amount of money from the tourists.

Mostar  is one of the greatest small cities in the world. From its Old brige to world-famous Old town and historical sights, Mostar is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe. Mostar is a city of diversity. It has all the advantages : culture, entertaiment, international restaurants, good transport - but is relatively small, quiet, and largely thanks to its Neretva river, has a nice climate. In Mostar your destination is never far away.

The another beauty is National Monument Muslibegovic House which is the example of the otoman housing for rich noble family. In this house you can see examples of hand made artickles, carpets and furniture from Otoman period as well as documents refering to Otoman period. Letter on we fine out that it is possible to sleep as well. Desafortuntly we didn't know that before so we slept somewhere alse.



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