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Doudou Festival

Doudou Festival


Every year on Trinity Sunday all the people of Mons witness the traditional and annual Car d'Or (Golden Carraige) procession.  The guilded wagon (which during the year can be seen in the Saint Wautrau church) was made in the 17th century by Ghienne and Midavaine.  During the procession the wagon carries the relic shrine of Saint Waudru through the streets of the city, accompanied by musicians, singers, flag-bearers and horsemen.  Legend has it that Mons will get in trouble if the horses do not carry the shrine back to the church without hampering.  This results in the townspeople sometimes lending assistance in pushing the carraige up the final hill.

On the same day as the Car d'Or procession, the famous 'Lume├žon' battle - also called the Doudou Festival -  takes place in Mons.  The battle is based on the story of Saint George slaying the dragon.  In 1380 a fellowship called 'Dieu et Monseigneur Georges' (God and Sire George) was founded.  Its aim was to preserve the veneration of Saint Georges and, for the members of the fellowship to accompany his relic shrine during the annual procession of the Car D'Or.  To illustrate Saint George's battle against evil, a play during which the dragon was killed became part of the entire Trinity procession in Mons.  Saint Georges, dressed with a yellow helmet and white pants, is accompanied by helpers (les Chinchins).  The green dragon is made of willow branches, and its tail is a young tree.  It is 9.5 meters long and weighs about 180 Kg.
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