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view on the Transept

view on the Transept


Arlon is the southernmost city of Belgium, situated close to the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. With a population of only 24.000 inhabitants and has succeeded in preserving its quiet charm. In the historic centre you find many old houses in either the typical Luxemburgian style or the more Belgian-oriented neo-styles of the end of the 19th century.

The name Arlon comes from the Latin 'Orolanum', which indicates that the city was founded by the Romans. After the decline of the Roman Empire, Arlon was taken by Germanic tribes (the Francs). During the Middle-Ages the city was part of the County of Luxembourg. The Musse Lyxembourgois has a good collection of archelogical finds from the region. The Gallo-roman department of this museum boasts a prominent collection with over 450 statues from tombstones or from the Roman 'Thermae' (baths). Nearly 600 sculptured panels give more information about life in Roman times.

Also worth a visit is the Archeological park (situated Rue des Thermes Romaines). In the center of the park are the foundations of the oldest church in Belgium: a basilica from the 5th century. Around it is a cemetery where christianized Merovingians were buried as from the beginning of the 6th century. Many of the ancient tombstones are still present. Furthermore, one can see at the back of the park the remainders of Roman Thermae and bathhouses.

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