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accommodation in Belgium

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Belgium is a country where cultures meet - it is the home of the headquarters of both NATO and the European Union. Belgium is a land of variety, from the geography to the people to the languages (German, Dutch, and French are all official languages). All of these characteristics make Belgium, small though it is, one of the most diverse destinations you'll find.

Food of Belgium

Although there are some dramatic differences amongst Belgians, cuisine is one area that is quite similar no matter where you go in Belgium. Some dishes may have different names, but many of the ingredients and the way they are cooked is almost exactly alike. There are both pricey and affordable restaurants for every taste.

 Mussels and chips is a ish served anywhere you go in Belgium. The mussels are generally cooked in white wine and butter with pepper and parsley. The chips are french fries (originating in Belgium). Beef stew is very popular and, depending on which area you are in, it will either be made with beer or red wine. Sausage, similar to the well-known bratwurst, is often served with potatoes. This is not an uncommon dish in the U.S. Belgian waffles are likely the most popular snack to come from the area. In Belgium, they differ in that they are quite rich and sweet, even chewy.
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