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Villers la Ville abbey ruins, Belgium

Villers la Ville abbey ruins, Belgium

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Being the home of both NATO and the European Union headquarters, Belgium is a country where many cultures meet. It's a place of variety, from the geography to the languages (German, Dutch, and French are all official languages). All of these characteristics make Belgium, though small, one of the most diverse destinations you'll find.

Food of Belgium
Although there are some dramatic differences amongst Belgians, cuisine is quite similar throughout the country. Some dishes have different names, but many of the recipes are almost exactly alike.

Mussels and chips (french fries) is a dish served anywhere you go in Belgium. The mussels are generally cooked in white wine and butter with pepper and parsley.

Beef stew is very popular and, depending on the area, will either be made with beer or red wine. Sausage, similar to the well-known bratwurst, is often served with potatoes.

Belgian waffles are the most popular snack amongst locals and tourists. In Belgium, the waffles are quite rich, sweet and sometimes even chewy.

Places to See
The Museum of Musical Instruments in Brussels boasts over 7,000 instruments of various age and complexity.

For art buffs, the Modern Art Museum in Liege may be your desired stop. This museum has been open since 1905 and features work from Monet, Picasso, and many other world renown artists.

If you want to see something a little different, check out the Gambrinus Driver Museum in Philippeville which features a collection of brewery trucks. This is no surprise coming from a country with 500 different brewed beers.

While planning your trip to Belgium, keep in mind that many indoor tourist destinations are open Sundays and closed on Mondays.

Things to Do

Belgium is absolutely riddled with activities, from cultural festivals to large dance clubs. The 3 days before Ash Wednesday, the city of Binche hosts the Carnival of Binche - dating back to the 14th century, the most well know specters being the Gilles, dressed in costume with wax masks.

Antwerp Diamond shopping in Antwerp, the brilliant city with over 50% of world diamond export volume.


It is always possible to find a decently priced hotel room ($100 per night is not uncommon) anywhere in Belgium. Most are situated near many sites, activities, and cultural locations. 


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