Polacak Travel Guide

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Polacak or Polotsk in Russian is the most ancient town of Belarus . It was mentioned in the chronicles in the 9th century and ruled with its own dynasty of the Viking stock. In the 12th century it was one of the largest cities of Europe . Minsk , the modern capital of Belarus , was a simple border castle of the Polacak Principality. Euthrosinia of Polacak, a nun of the 12th century, became the first woman-saint in Eastern Europe . Even in the early 16th century Polacak was larger and wealthier than London . But then it was ruined by the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible. In 1812 the Napoleonic soldiers again burnt a large part of the town during the battle with the Russian Army. At the time of the Second World War the region of Polacak was the net for Belarusian guerillas.

Most attractions , as the rests of ancient settlements of 1000 BC – 800s AD, Upper and Lower Castles , St Sophia and St Epiphany Cathedrals, and city buildings of the 18 – early 20th centuries, are situated in the territory of the Cultural Historical Reservation in the northern part of the Dzvina River .
Here you would find traditional cottages, museums of printing and fabrics. Do not miss the museum of St Sophia Cathedral that is situated in the building of the St Sophia Cathedral. It was built in the 12th century in the shape of St Sophia Cathedral of Constantinople . In the 16th century it was ruined and rebuilt with the baroque style. There is a wonderful organ hall here. In April and November they organize the festivals of organ music. Every Sunday the organ hall is open for all wishers to listen to organ and chamber music. All museums are opened daily 10AM: 05PM . On Monday they are closed.

The other one interesting place is the Orthodox Christian Nunnery of St Euthrosinia founded by this St Euthrosinia. Tourists are welcomed. Nuns receive all pilgrims and tourists and organize guidance for free. But girls and women have to cover their heads and wear skirts (no T-shorts or trousers!). The original museum of the old water-pomp tower is near.

Destination is easy, because Polacak is connected with all large cities of Belarus and most small towns of the north by rail way or by bus.

Places for staying:

Dzvina Hotel, 13 Karl Marx St. Phone (375214) 442235

Steklovolokno Hotel, 60 Hvardzejskaj Armii St. Phone (375214) 435637

Sometimes these two hotels are overcrowded, so that you would take another one in Navapolacak, an industrial town not far from Polacak and connected with it with usual municipal buses.

Places for staying in Navapolacak:

Naftan Hotel, 48 Kolas St. Phone (375214) 528849.

Vityaz Hotel, 25A Blakhina St. Phone (214) 550393.

Belarus Hotel, 5A Kalinina St. Phone (375214) 555034.

Spartyunaya Hotel, 49A Maladzjozhnaja St. Phone (375214) 553430.

Izmeritel Hotel, 6 Alimpijskaja St. Phone (375214) 523624.

Rodnik Pansion, Balnichny Haradok. Phones (375214) 573250, 57340.

By the way from Polacak to Minsk there is a long chain of lakes. To visit and to see them you have to stop in the town of Lepel .

The place for staying in Lepel is the municipal hotel in the Central Square
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