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BA.  Catholic church and Convent of Benedictine - 1593-96 A.D.

BA. Catholic church and Convent of Benedictine - 1593-96 A.D.

Niasviž ( Cyrillic : Нясьві́ж; Russian : Несвиж, Nesvizh; Polish : Nieśwież) is a city in Belarus . It is the administrative center of the Niasviž District (rajon) of Minsk Province and location of a UNESCO World Heritage Site entitled Architectural, Residential and Cultural Complex of the Radziwill Family at Niasviž .

  Niasviž was first documented in 1223 . Shortly it fell under the rule of a powerful neighbouring state, later known as Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Old Belarus). In the 15th century, while still a minor town, it passed to the Radziwiłł princely family. Since then and until 1939 , the foremost branch of that illustrious family developed Niasviž as its family nest. In 1562 , shortly before Grand Duchy of Lithuania   joined the Kingdom of Poland in personal union to create Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth , the first book in Belarusian language was allegedly printed there .

  The Corpus Christi Church (1587-93) was one of the earliest (if not the earliest) Jesuit church in the world and the first baroque structure in Polish-Lithuanian (Belarusian) commonwealth . Its Italianate design exerted immense influence on architecture of Belarus , Poland .

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